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Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
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Source of Raw Materials: Walnut protein
Durchschnittliches Molekulargewicht: 500-800D
Product Feature: Light yellow powder, with the unique taste and smell of walnuts, without any other odor

1. Verbessern Sie das Gedächtnis
Walnut peptides are rich in glutamic acid, which can quickly restore energy, protect brain health, enhance thinking agility, and effectively prevent memory loss.
2. Verbessern Sie den Schlaf
The glutamic acid in walnut peptide can be metabolized in the body to form γ-aminobutyric acid, which relieves the nervous tension in the brain and makes it easier to fall asleep.
3. Antibakteriell
Walnut peptide has a strong antibacterial effect and a wide range of antibacterial, which can effectively prevent the colony of harmful bacteria in the human body and protect the human body from the harm of harmful bacteria.
4. Antioxidative Wirkung
Walnut peptide can remove excess free radicals produced by the human body during metabolism, such as hydroxyl free radicals and superoxide anion free radicals, so as to avoid damage caused by free radicals and prevent diseases from occurring.
5. Moisturizing effect
Walnut peptides can quickly penetrate into the skin and combine with the moisture in the stratum corneum to form a network structure. Walnut peptide has the effect of activating skin cells and anti-aging. Adding walnut peptide to cosmetics can not only increase the efficacy factor, but also moisturize.
6. Blood lipid lowering effect
Walnut polypeptide can reduce blood lipids in aged mice induced by D-galactose, and can also improve the antioxidant function of their brains. Walnut polypeptide has good biological activity. Compared with walnut protein, it has better solubility and better absorption, so its blood lipid lowering and anti-oxidation functions are also stronger than walnut protein.
7. Anti-Ermüdungs-Effekt
Amino acids in walnut peptides can enhance gastrointestinal function, promote digestion and blood circulation throughout the body, maintain normal nerve activity, improve sleep quality, relax brain nerves and nervous tension, thereby achieving the effect of recovering from fatigue.

Beschreibung Über Walnusspeptid
Walnut Peptide is a small molecular peptide extracted from from walnut protein from walnut protein by using directed biological enzymolys is technology and low-temperature membrane separation technology. The walnut peptide is rich in 8 essential amino acids and has good nutritional charac teristics. It is a safe and promising raw material for functional food, skin care cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries.
Researchers have proved through experiments that walnut peptide has the effect of resisting cancer. In addition, walnut peptides have a good effect on relieving the pain of cancer patients. At the same time, they can also increase the number of white blood cells, enhance resistance, and are very helpful in protecting the liver. At the same time, the intake of walnut peptides rich in amino acids can promote the growth and reproduction of beneficial bacteria in the body, enhance gastrointestinal function, and promote digestion and blood circulation throughout the body.
Walnut peptide can quickly replenish the body's energy, promote lipid metabolism and restore physical strength, and eliminate muscle fatigue. And the large amount of amino acids contained in it can maintain normal nerve activity, improve sleep quality, and relax the tension of brain nerves.
The glutamic acid rich in walnut peptide is the only amino acid that participates in brain metabolism, which will increase the content of acetylcholine in the brain, make the neurons in the cerebral cortex active, promote the metabolism of brain tissue, restore the function of brain cells, and help to quickly restore energy and protect brain health, enhance thinking agility, and effectively prevent memory loss.
Walnut peptide is an important substance for repairing the metabolism of brain tissue cells. It can nourish brain cells, enhance brain function, replenish cardiomyocytes, purify blood, lower cholesterol, and remove "dirt impurities" in blood vessel walls to purify blood.

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