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Place of Origin  China
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Source of Raw Materials: Abalone meat
Durchschnittliches Molekulargewicht: 900-1000D
Product Feature: Light yellow powder, with the unique taste and smell of abalone,without any other odor

1. Anti-oxidation, beauty:
Abalone collagen peptide has a strong antioxidant effect, which can remove free radicals in the body and achieve anti-aging effects. At the same time, abalone collagen contains a large number of polar groups, which is a moisturizing factor, and has the effect of preventing tyrosine in the skin from converting into melanin, and has a purely natural whitening and anti-wrinkle function. Moreover, the rich iron is closely related to women's health. Selenium has important functions such as anti-cancer, anti-oxidation, enhancing immunity, and antagonizing the absorption of harmful heavy metals.
2. Verbesserung der Immunität:
Abalone peptide can significantly improve the mouse body's exercise endurance, hypoxia resistance, cold and heat resistance and immune function. Abalone peptide has a significant improvement effect on low immunity, and its effect on cellular immunity is greater than that of humoral immunity. The mechanism may be to promote the synthesis of immune cell DNA.
3. Anti-fatigue effect:
Abalone peptide has anti-fatigue and anti-hypoxia effects, and can also increase hemoglobin content and reduce the accumulation of blood lactic acid in exercise mice, which can improve exercise capacity.
4. Blutdruck senken:
Abalone peptides contain a variety of ACE inhibitory peptides, which have a good antihypertensive effect.
5. Improve learning and memory:
Abalone peptides can significantly enhance the learning and memory of mice.
6. Antitumorwirkung:
Abalone peptide can inhibit the growth and proliferation of human breast cancer cells in a dose-dependent manner, and its mechanism is to arrest cells in S phase and G2 phase, and induce cell apoptosis and necrosis.

It can be applied to many aspects such as functional food, health food, beauty and skin care products, special medical supplies, etc..

Description About Abalone Peptide
The average molecular weight of abalone peptide is below 1000 Daltons, and it also contains the original selenium, taurine, vitamins, and other nutrients of abalone, which can be absorbed quickly. It is very soluble in wat er, and easy to absorb. It has good processing properties, such as no fishy smell, no protein denaturation, no acid precipitation, no heat coagulation, and good fluidity, and is an excellent raw material for healthy food.
Abalone peptide is a special protein product in abalone, which can be extracted and used in nutritional health products or cosmetics. Abalone peptide is rich in marine peptides and amino acids, and has multiple health effects.
Abalone peptide has multiple benefits to human health and can be used as an important health product raw material or functional food additive.

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