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Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
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Rohstoffquelle: Kabeljauhaut
Durchschnittliches Molekulargewicht: 600-1000D
Product Feature: White powder/particle with a slight fishy smell

1. It can effectively solve the problem of skin and muscle water loss, timely replenish collagen peptides, and keep the skin young.
2. Make calcium and bone cells tightly combined without loss or degradation.
3. It can keep the cornea moist and transparent, and increase the transparency of the eyes.
4. Promote the tight connection of muscle cells, making it elastic and shiny.
5. Regulate endocrine, protect and strengthen visceral function.
6. Combined with immunoglobulin to increase immunity.
7. It can inhibit the accumulation of fat, inhibit harmful bacteria, eliminate toxins, and promote digestion and absorption.
8. It can maintain the elasticity of blood vessel walls and prevent blood vessel rupture and embolism.

Description About Marine Fish Oligopeptide Powder
Marine fish oligopeptide extracted from deep-saecod skin with pollu-tion-free. most of them are small molecular mixed peptides composed of 26 amino acids with molecular in around 500D. They have good solu - bility and can rapidly dissolve water at room temperature. The absorp-tion rate is up to 95%. They have strong nutritional and application characteristics.
Marine fish oligopeptide is refined and processed from the skin and bone of deep-sea fish with no pollution or relatively little pollution. It is a new type of nutritional and healthy food ingredient. Cosmetics and foods that use marine fish oligopeptide as raw materials and additives have been welcomed by people.
Marine fish oligopeptide has many functions and functions. We can add this substance to our daily food to provide more nutrients for the human body, and we can also add it to cosmetics to have a certain effect on the skin.
Marine fish oligopeptide has the functions of lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar and improving human immunity. It can also inhibit the rise of cholesterol, promote insulin secretion, regulate blood sugar in the body, and improve the symptoms of diabetes. It can also inhibit the action of angiotensinase, has the effect of lowering blood pressure, and has a certain regulatory effect on hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, and hypertension.

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